Services Offered

Pick My Brain Sessions:

These affordable sessions are available for small online business owners and bloggers who need to get their feet off the ground in properly promoting their brand in social media or wanting to know how to pitch brands. This is a straight forward Q&A session where you spitfire questions and I answer. No over inflated hype. Conference is done via Skype or phone.

  • Half Hour Session $50

  • One Hour Session $100

Pitch List:

Have no idea how to find the proper marketing or PR contacts or just don't have the time? Simply send me a list of brands you want to work with and I will utilize my personal contacts as well as experience working with brands and premium resources, to send you a list with the most up to date contacts.

Travel/Attraction Pitch Letter:

This can be used to submit to hotels, theme parks, and attractions to secure complimentary tickets, stays or reduced media rates. You can feel free to change around the offerings listed in it depending on the needs of the brand and yourself.

Digital Influencer Negotiations (Blog Agent):

Manages and seeks advertising and partnership opportunities for digital influencers. Additionally we can handle, manage and negotiate incoming and outgoing contracts. NO upfront fees.

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